Why choose a private service over a shuttle?

We often get asked why we don’t run a shuttle service to the airport from the Illawarra. This article will point out why we have decided that our private service is a better option to get you and your travel buddies to the airport or cruise terminals.


  • A private car or limousine is quicker as you won’t have to make multiple stops on the way to pick up other people.
  • Less waiting time at the airport when coming home; often with a shuttle service you will have to wait for other flights to arrive for other people and then have to make multiple stops on the way home. The last thing you want after an international flight or business trip is to wait around Our drivers will take you straight home.
  • You will only have to share the car with your invited guests, nobody else.
  • Cost of a private car or limousine can often be the same or cheaper. A shuttle service averages around $75 per person to or from the airport. Our private cars start at $225 for the same trip and if you have 3 people that’s the same price, 4 people and its $56.25. Our limousine starts at $285, if you have 4 people that’s already cheaper, if you have 6 that works out at $47.50 per person, 7 is less than $41, and you get a private limousine, bottled water and a bottle of bubbly to enjoy during your trip. Why would you choose a shuttle when you can travel in style for less?!
  • Less bookings and people mean a lot less mistakes can be made. In 30 years of operation we have never missed a booking and have never missed a flight. Reliability is a must.